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Vegan cashew, strawberry, rice milk & carob refreshing smoothy! Yeah!

This was my husband’s & my lunch! Each one drank 2 dessert cups: enough, tasty & so good for you too! 😉
Don’t you want to grab one, right now ?

Today, I made this new smoothy. It rocks! I was a bit tired so I made this: it was very refreshing & energizing! I sweetened it a bit with coconut sugar! Because it was warm, I added 1 cup of ice blocks to make it more refreshing! My husband & I loved it! Check it out!

Enjoy it with a lovely straw!

Halfway through! 🙂

Recipe: For 4  times, each dessert cup = 250 ml , in total: 1000 ml! I drank 2 dessert cups = enough!!


2 cups of  rice milk

1 heaped cup of fresh strawberries, green top removed & cut into 2

1 tablespoon of carob power

1 tablespoon of coconut sugar

1/2 cup of soaked raw cashews, well-rinsed & drained, drained water thrown away! Soaked for at least 4 hours!!

If it is really hot & sunny: 1 cup of ice / I added this!


1. Place everything in your Vitamix or blender & blend until it is very liquid. Blend until it is all very well mixed. I used my tamper to push the ingredients down, to the right & to the left, in my Vitamix container. I put it on lower speed, turned from 1 to 10 & put the high power on. I mixed it for about 30 seconds. Taste! My smoothy was a bit sweet but not too sweet! Pour the drinks in your glasses & drink with a straw ! Enjoy instantly! My husband & I each drank 2 .

This was enough to fill our tummies!  Happy Drinking! 🙂

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

36 thoughts on “Vegan cashew, strawberry, rice milk & carob refreshing smoothy! Yeah!

  1. Your smoothie combinations are so appetizing!! No wonder they are gone so fast!

    Sophie I sent you an e-mail with the jello shots recipe- let me know if you got it!!

  2. That sounds wonderful, Sophie. Great combination. I keep reading about coconut sugar and will look for it today when I go to Whole Foods, a store that carries it.

  3. Mmm cashew…I adore them but they are so spendy. I still haven’t find a place where they sell them in bulk for a decent price.

    1. Coconut blossom sugar is an alternative sweetener. It is beet sugar-free. It is also called Gula Java Brut. This is 100% unsweetened coconut blossom sugar. It is slighty brown in colour. It has a lower glycemic index than agave. It’s GI index is 35. Agave is 40. It also has a lot of minerals and vitamins.
      Gula Java is coconut blossom sugar from Java. Harvested by tapers high in the coconut trees, the sweet nectar from the coconut blossom is a cherished resource. Above the log fire, the nectar slowly changes into a delicious, unrefined rich sugar as it is gently stirred in the pan, allowing you to enjoy its sweetness and soft caramel flavour at any time of the day.
      But it isn’t as sweet as normal sugar. It is great in cobbler’s, in crumbles, in cakes, in desserts, etc. You can also use it in savoury dishes.

  4. Smoothies always look so refreshing. I have never used cashews in a smoothie – or any nuts. This will be a fun “take” for me.

    1. I used soaked raw cashews, not roasted a& not salted, placed them in water, all covered, placed them into the fridge, with a fitting lid on. Let them stand there for 1 night or at least 4 hours, drinse& drain them well. Pour the rinsed water off & use them. They are softer than & your stomch can easily digest them too! They go so well with strawberries!

  5. seriously need to open some kind of restaurant or bistro…the alternative movement is huge and they would love you! Of course you would have to add every single one of your amazing, healthy, and creative smoothies to the menu! These are no exception..I love the combo of cashew with strawberry! You are a genius!

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