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Joy Bauer’s Food cures book review & 2 recipes from her new book!

on 08/12/2011

Recently, I received a copy of Joy Bauer’s latest book: Food cures.

One of the best nutrition books that I have!

I didn’t ever hear from this woman before. I did some research & found out that she is one of the leading women in the nutrition world. She is a dietitian & nutrition expert. She also appears on the Today show on television in the USA.

Her latest book is a real winner. It has 516 pages of truly interesting information on all kind of foods that you must eat if you have a certain condition or to prevent one. The book has many different sections & deals with medical conditions like insomnia, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, memory loss, osteoporosis, premenstrual Syndrome, migraines, mood swings, celiac disease, cancer prevention, etc.

She explains everything well  & shows us how we can improve these conditions by eating & drinking the right foods. She divides every section in breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner parts. That’s very clever of her so it is easy to use. Joy also answers questions of people. She also tells us how & what we must do if we want to lose weight & how we must do that the right & healthy way.

She also has many tips on what we must eat & drink to improve healthy skin, healthy hair & how to feed a beautiful smile,…:)

Her writing is lovely, she writes with enthusiasm & she knows how to pen it down & motivates us all the way in this book! 

I already tried & tested 2 recipes & they were ooh so tasty! They didn’t fail me at all! I just tweaked a bit the ingredients to my need.

She uses ingredients that you all can find in supermarkets or in the bio shops like Whole Foods or at farmer’s market’s. Her recipes are easy to make & are written down very well. She explains it well to us. I love her recipes because she cooks & eats a lot like me!The only point that I didn’t like was that she doesn’t uses agave syrup  or coconut blossom sugar, because it is more healthier then the normal white beet sugar. She also didn’t use any unrefined coconut oil. It is far better than butter. I hope that in the feature she will use these good ingredients in her fabulous recipes. I think that she didn’t use that because it is very expensive, over here in Belgium, anyway!The book is a thick one but a huge success in my family. I am so happy that I received it!

Here is the tried & tested recipe number one. It is on page 381 & is listed under insomnia. She calls it: Pasta with roasted pumpkin, sage & walnuts.I made this tasty recipe yesterday & my husband & I loved it! The walnuts in here & the roasted pumpkin did it! I also used fresh sage from my garden. She used whole wheat pasta & I used 100% whole wheat rice. MMMMMMMMMM,….!

A divine vegetarian pasta, walnuts & pumpkin dish!

Here is recipe number 2: Ginger spiced whole grain muffins, listed under arthritis, page 180, living long & strong. I used whole grain spelt flour because I thought it would go well with the pumpkin purée & the ginger in here. Doesn’t these healthy muffins look amazing & pretty?

Lovely appetizing ginger spiced fresh pumpkin muffins

Here is her recipe:

& the rest:


I used fresh home-made pumpkin purée. We can’t get canned pumpkin purée over here in Belgium. I also used coconut blossom sugar instead of the packed brown sugar, so it is less sweet & is healthier that way. I also used silicon muffin trays, in  flower shapes. You don’t have to grease silicon mats. MMMMMMM,…again! These healthy muffins are great to eat as breakfast or as brunch. Yummy all the way! They really fill you up!

It is a lovely book with many tips & research in it. You can read it, use it to get wiser & even to lose weight. The recipes rock!

This book costs 21.99 US Dollars & 24.99 Canadian Dollars. The ISBN number is: 978-1-60961-312-9

It has been published by Rodale Books  at

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78 responses to “Joy Bauer’s Food cures book review & 2 recipes from her new book!

  1. Koko says:

    I enjoyed this book, too! Sophie that pasta just looks to die for!! I’m glad you tried it with rice pasta…I have two bags on hand and I would just love to try this! As always, your muffins looks beautiful!

  2. jef says:

    Dear Sophie, I admire the way you can write such an emphatic, correct and relevant review of a book. A new cookery writer is born!
    Cycling Jef.

  3. Claudia says:

    You’ve got a winner here Sophie, with lots of healthful recipes in there to try. The ones you picked to share were a good sampling.

  4. ziabaki says:

    Your muffins are magnificent! Wow! How did you do that?? I mean the lovely little petals and all. Your site is a feast for the eyes my friend. Happy ho ho!

  5. Carolyn Jung says:

    Those muffins look so decadent. Yet they’re more healthful? I’m sold! ;)

  6. You always inspire me to live healthily and eat well. Your cooking skill and patience really shows through your beautiful muffins. I would use those in a wedding bouquet!

  7. That pumpkin pasta looks really good! I love adding vegetables to pasta, it lightens them and add so much flavour :D

  8. Jess in Norway says:

    Beautiful, as usual! I may have to get a copy of that book and try some of those recipes myself!

    Where did you get your muffin forms? They are SO cute!

  9. Ina Gawne says:

    Sophie – that book sounds fabulous! I love the pasta dish, and agree with you on the sugar and coconut oils. It is tempting me to get yet another cook book! Thanks for sharing, Ina

  10. I love Joy’s recipes. I have her earlier book and think it is just fantastic. This one looks really interesting. Great presentation. :)

  11. Dewi says:

    The gingery muffin sounds pretty intriguing!

  12. Hotly Spiced says:

    That sounds like a great book. Love the way you can choose recipes based on your own issues – weight loss, arthritis etc. Very clever.

  13. Claudia says:

    Lovely review, Sophie – it does sound as if this is a very helpful cook book. Love both recipes – but ’tis the season of baked goods and those pumpkin muffins drew me in.

  14. Stephanie says:

    You are sure enjoying the Pumpkin recipes lately!! Beautiful dishes :)

  15. grace says:

    i’m so impressed that you used homemade pumpkin puree–nicely done, sophie!

  16. Katarina says:

    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! So now I found yours, thanks!

  17. Erica says:

    The book sounds great,Sophie!!!The dish looks delicious….Happy Holidays!

  18. Barbara says:

    I think I’ve read someplace that carbs make you sleepy, so that pasta dish makes perfect sense. Love that you used whole wheat pasta, Sophie. I do too…it has such a lovely nutty flavor.
    Sounds like a marvelous and helpful book.

  19. Juliana says:

    Sophie, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about the book, and it sure sounds like a great one. The dishes that you posted look awesome. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  20. Thanks for introducing us to this book. I absolutely love those gorgeous muffins, would love to have one right now!

  21. Tandy says:

    what a great book – and two recipes I would use already :)

  22. Blond Duck says:

    Her book sounds great!

  23. Both of these look amazing – I think I will need this book after the holidays! Thanks!

  24. What an interesting book Sophie. I could certainly use more tips on losing weight and eating healthy.

  25. Claudia says:

    I need those muffins in my life (but I won’t make the puree – hate peeling and cutting pumpkin). You made them so inviting! Nice to know it’s a guilty pleasure that isn’t guilty.

    • Sophie33 says:

      Those muffins are better like I them: I used coconut blossom sugar instead of the the brown sugar it is less sweet & more healthy that way!

  26. I always see her on the Today Show but never heard her name or that she’s written a book. In fact she was on this morning and all I could think of was how thin and healthy she looked. I’m going to have to get on Amazon now to order it. Thanks for sharing this tidbit that i didn’t know.

    I’ve never been to your blog before but plan on stopping by more often.

    Happy Holidays!

  27. Simone says:

    Sounds like a really interesting book Sophie! Thanks for pointing it out!

  28. Mary says:

    It sounds like a book packed with great and healthy recipes. The muffins sound delicious. This is my first visit to your blog, so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I’m so glad I did that. I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers and I’ll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  29. I’ve never heard of flower shaped muffin trays–lovely!

  30. That pasta sounds wonderful, love pumpkin and sage together,

  31. Tammy says:

    That pasta looks great and I often forget to cook with sage so it would be a good reason. I have a couple of pumpkins on my porch just waiting for a recipe!

  32. the book sounds nice Sophie:)) the pasta look amazing:)

  33. Lisa says:

    Great review Sophie! Those ginger spiced pumpkin muffins look so decadent, and they’re healthy! I’m going to have to pick up a copy of this book! :)

  34. Yummy!! I love that you are yourself “healthy-fying” these muffins, using silicon moulds etc. Awesomeness!

    • Sophie33 says:

      Hey Kiran! Enjoy! hahahahaha:)

      The flower muffin trays, in silicon, I got at my local cookery shop.
      This silicon brand: silikomart is Italian & I will give you their website so that you can order from there:
      & search your way in English on their site!
      Just check it out!

  35. What cute little muffins indeed!

    • Sophie33 says:

      The flower muffin trays, in silicon, I got at my local cookery shop.
      This silicon brand: silikomart is Italian & I will give you their website so that you can order from there:
      & search your way in English on their site!
      Just check it out!
      Thee are not little muffins, they are bigger than normal muffins in a tray!

  36. Sophie! That’s quite a review. You done good girl!

  37. Well they look just perfect!

  38. Thank you for your kind words on our site! Those muffins are adorable and sound fantastic! Thanks!

  39. Louise says:

    GREAT review, Sophie! It sure sounds like my kind of book and the fact that it is published by Rodale is a huge plus in my book.

    Thank you so much for sharing. The muffins are darling. I love how you have adapted the recipe to your own fabulous style:)

    I’m still having problems with my eye so in case I don’t make it back, I wanted to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas! Louise.

  40. Sophie33 says:

    Thanks, my friend! :)
    I hope your eye heals well! ;) Big hugs!

    The flower muffin trays, in silicon, I got at my local cookery shop.
    This silicon brand: silikomart is Italian & I will give you their website so that you can order from there:
    & search your way in English on their site!
    Just check it out!

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