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Rosemary scented celeriac & 2 beans soup

on 16/11/2011


This is one tasty & comforting good for you soup. This contains celeriac, red kidney & white beans. It is soothing with the added smoked paprika powder, Pimentón de la vera, the dulce version.

This is great as a meal itself with some good bread or a baguette on the side.

I added some fried smoked bacon pieces over the top of the soup, for added flavour!

If you use it on day 2, you must add a bit of water otherwise the soup will be too thick! 😉

It also freezes well. Enjoy! 🙂

Recipe: For 10 persons, each 1 medium bowl


1 can of red kidney beans, well rinsed & drained well

1 can of white butter beans, well rinsed & drained well

1280 gr of celeriac, peeled, cut into strips & cut into chunks/ the size doesn’t matter because the soup will be mixed in the end / I used the rest of my celeriac from my last post here!

3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & cut finely

3 medium white onions, peeled & cut finely

1 medium potato, peeled & cut into little chunks

4 sprigs of fresh rosemary,sprigs removed, only the green needles, cleaned, well rinsed, pad dry on kitchen paper & cut into little pieces

Maldon sea salt

Grinned black pepper

Smoked paprika powder, the dulce version

1.5 liter of a good gluten-free vegetable stock

unrefined coconut oil or a fruity EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil )

100 gr of gluten-free smoked bacon pieces ( For 2 bowls of soup )


1. Take a large  steam cooker with fitting lid. Heat up on medium high. Add a few knobs of coconut oil & let it melt. When hot & sizzling, add the garlic & onion pieces. Fry until nearly golden brown. Now, add the smoked paprika, 3 teaspoons of it & fry 1 or 2 minutes further. Add your potato pieces, the red & the white beans too. Stir everything round in your pot. Adjust the heat if you need to.

2. Add your celeriac pieces  & your vegetable stock too. Stir everything round & let it come to the boil. Add some seasoning. ( P & S)

3. Then, place the fitting lid on. Let it sit on the fire until the nozzle, the valve, whistles continuously for about 5 minutes.

4. Remove the pot from the heat & be careful, with the help of a long wooden spoon, open the valve to let the steam go free.

When there is no steam left, remove the fitting lid. Taste the soup. It has to taste fab & soothing. You must taste the celeriac, the beans & the smoked paprika. If not, add some extra seasoning & another teaspoon of this smoked paprika. Stir.

5. Mix the soup until you still have red bean flakes floating in your soup. That looks quite nice!

6. This is a thicker tasty soup. Now, just before serving, fry the smoked bacon pieces in some coconut oil. Drain the fat with kitchen paper & serve instantly. Divide over 2 bowls.

Enjoy! 🙂


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85 responses to “Rosemary scented celeriac & 2 beans soup

  1. jef says:

    Dear Sophie,

    a soup as good as a main meal, as tasty as well! Cycling Jeff.

  2. Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for your comment on our blog! I’m glad you tried out our recipe and thanks for letting us know how you liked it! This soup looks amazing! SO warm and delicious. 🙂 I love rosemary!

  3. Koko says:

    Mmmmm I love bean soup! I can imagine this with a delicious crusty baguette. A perfect winter comfort soup!

  4. The weatherhas gotten really cold from y’day onwards, this soups sounds perfect for a cold day.

  5. Jenna says:

    I love a good soup that freezes well! And topped with the fried smoked bacon pieces–divine.

  6. What a comforting hearty soup!

  7. boeddhamum says:

    It’s soup time! and I’m definitely gonna make this soup of your’s Sophie!

  8. Lovely warming soup – the combination of celeriac and bacon is so good so that’s a must for me.

  9. A lovely soup with rich delicious flavors! I love the addition of rosemary.

  10. Claudie says:

    Celeriac is one of those foods which I used not to like in my early life, but then suddenly adopted. I like it now (a lot) and am looking for new ways to integrate it into my meals, so your soup comes in handy 🙂 I like you’ve spiced it a bit too, because this always makes soups better. And my hubby will appreciate the bacon 😉

  11. Oooo… that looks so hearty and delicious Sophie! The fried smoked bacon on top would be a great addition indeed. Yum.

  12. Ina Gawne says:

    I love all soups – could eat soup every day! This looks hearty and delicious!

  13. Two different beans! What a great recipe, and I love rosemary too!

    • Sophie33 says:

      I jst happen to have 2 kinds of different beans in the house & thought these 2 would combine beautifully! I was right, hey??;)

  14. Lovely recipe, Sophie! I will look out for celeriac at the markets!

  15. grace says:

    this is lovely, sophie! rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, and it’s perfect here!

  16. Ah, what I would give for a big steaming bowl of this soup! Perfect pairing of seasonal produce and herbs, I like the sound of that rosemary especially.

  17. I know the soup is flavorful, how not to be with smoked paprika and rosemary?

  18. jef says:

    Hello Sophie,
    The soup looks very tasty. Hopefully you’ll make it for me?
    Many thanks.
    Your Mamalou.

  19. Claudia says:

    This is the second recipe I’ve seen today that makes good use of celeriac! Love it. I am bookmarking this – perfect for the dark winter days ahead! I love a rich, thick soup!

  20. jwise9ej says:

    This looks amazing! I LOVE celeriac- it’s such an ugly vegetable, but so tasty! 🙂

  21. hotlyspiced says:

    I find that celeriac is an often dismissed vegetable. Most people don’t seem to know what to do with it so just pass it by. Great to see it being used in a soup. I’ll be trying this.

  22. pierre says:

    because of the weather soups are really welcome !!pierre

  23. Perfect for the winter chill!
    *kisses* HH

  24. Blond Duck says:

    This sounds like a terrific soup!

  25. I just bought celeriac at the farmers market ( I don’t grow it.) and look forward to trying out with this recipe. Thank you Sophie!

  26. Pam says:

    It looks delicious and comforting – perfect for this cold & rainy day.

  27. I have got to try celeriac soon- using this mouth-watering recipe, of course 🙂

  28. Sophie, the celeriac soup looks really tasty and comforting mixed with 2 beans.

  29. This soup looks delicious! I loved the flavor smoked paprika gives and your other ingredients sound like they would combine to make a wonderful soup!

  30. Tammy says:

    This looks like a perfect winter meal. I love celeriac and beans! Thanks Sophie.

  31. Daily Spud says:

    Truly you are the Soup Queen, Sophie! This one is right up my street – rich, satisfying and full of flavours I love.

  32. Jay says:

    flavorful n healthy..
    thanks for sharing dear..

    Tasty Appetite

  33. Lisa says:

    Oh, Sophie…that soup looks so creamy, tummy warming and delicious! I can almost taste the smoked paprika! I love celeriac but don’t cook with it often. I need to start, especially so I can make this soup!!

  34. The soup looks so good and the recipe…well, let’s just say I’m not so sure I could stick to just one bowl.
    Wonderful recipe for this time of year. It’s coooollllddd here in NY.

  35. Stephanie says:

    I have never tried celeriac…. You have inspired me to track this veggie down 🙂

  36. Barbara says:

    Sophie, all you had to say was how well this freezes and I’d try it. Cooking for one is a problem if you can’t successfully freeze a soup. I love celery root, too.

  37. What a lovely, flavoursome recipe for soup Sophie! 😀

  38. Shaheen says:

    I do love the sound of this and glad to see celeriac bing used, it is so under-used.

  39. Blond Duck says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  40. Sounds like the perfect soup for a chilly day. I love celeraic and am always looking for great ideas.

  41. Valentina says:

    Hi Sophie, I’m all about delicious comfort foods and this soup definitely is one! The flavor combination looks divine! (I also adore smoked paprika!)

  42. Sally says:

    You got me at ‘rosemary-scented’. Love the slightly medicinal fragrance and taste of this herb – a great match with celeriac.

  43. Sophie33 says:

    Thanks, Sally !

    Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I hope you like the recipe! It rocks!

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