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A few of my most lovely shops, places and streets in and out Brussels: part 3

Yesterday, I went on a trip through my neighbourhood to show you a few of my favourite culinary shops, lovely places, lovely streets, etc. Recently, we bought a new digital camera. What an improvement!! I had to use it, didn’t I?

I will tell you that street names are bilingual here in Brussels, in Dutch & in French.  But because I am Dutch, I will give you the Dutch street names.

Print me!

1.My favourite culinary shop is InternationalHome of Cooking, Leopoldstraat 3, 1000 Brussel.

Open? Monday till Friday from 10 am til 18 pm. Saturday from 10 am till 18.30 pm.
I have a wish list for this shop!
Here is their website: Home of Cooking. Just click on the link! Click on all the pictures to see them in large!

My dream cookery shop!


This is a shop definitely for foodies! They sell all sorts of foodie treats, like: various sort of chopping knives, in all sorts & sizes, like Zwilling, Wüsthof & Dok. They have 2 large floors with top shape cooking & baking materials.

Lovely sharp knives!
I buy all of my beautiful silicon flower baking mats, silicon baking material, all of my cookie cutters and muffins pans over here. I also bought my pasta machine here.
They also have a variety of chopping boards, various pots & pans, like copper pots. They also sell the larger stuff like Kitchen Aids, Magimixers, stylish Italian coffee machines,…
They sell a selection of cookery books. The shop sells a variety of food stuff to decorate cakes, like icings in all colours, fondants, sprinkles & colourful festive edible glitter,…
They also sell Boretti & Smeg stoves,…

My favourite brand of silicon baking: Silikomart!

good supplies!
They sell all kindsof icings for cakes, tarts, etc
Pasta machines, various pots & pans, good china

2. La Maison du Miel, Zuidstraat 121, 1000 Brussel. They also have a second shop at Grasmarkt 11, 1000 Brussel.

This is a grand honey shop. You can find all products edible & non edible made of honey. The shop in the Zuidstraat, dates back to 1887.
They sell all kinds of honey, like lavender honey, acacia honey, thyme honey, buckwheat honey,…. They also sell honey sweets aka honey candy, pollen & Royal Jelly aka Koninginnegelei. You can also buy honey biscuits, honey wine, honey soaps,…
You can even by locally produced honey, from bees from Brussels!!!

La Maison du Miel!
Yummy honey
All kinds & types of honey & honey-related products
Delightful honeys

3. You also can find a lot of the best chocolatiers in Brussels in the Sint-Hubertus Galerijen, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. They are connected with the Koninginne Galerij ( Galerie de la Reine ).

You also can find a lot of the best chocolatiers in Brussels in here.
It is near the Central Station ( Brussel Centraal ) & near The Grasmarkt. I think the best are  Corné Port-Royal& Neuhaus. Just click on the links to find out more. Corné is here since 1932.
Neuhaus was created by Jean Neuhaus, a man from Switserland who came to Brussels & created the 1st Neuhaus shop in 1857.
Yummy chocolate treats!
A full box of real divine chocolates!
Tasty sweet treats!

4. Bakkerij Charli, Bakery Charli, Sint-Katelijnestraat 34, 1000 Brussel

Open? Tuesday till Saturday: from 7.30am till 7 pm
and Sunday from 7.30 am till 1.30 pm.

Bakery Charli is nick named after the baker Charli. He is really called Charles Reboulet.
He has worked with Paul Bocuse in Lyon. After a whole lot of years working in international cuisines, he made a stop in Brussels. We, people of Brussels, are glad that he did that!

Bakey Charli

This is one of the finest “real bakers ” in Brussels. Here, you can buy all different kinds of breads, pastries, fine tarts & filled sandwiches, all made fresh in this bakery & baked here too. The quality is excellent!
You can savour the delicious filled pastries, tarts &  tartlets over here in the shop & enjoy with a good brewed coffee or take the sandwich home with you. Large tarts prices vary from 10 euro till 18 euros.
There aren’t that many sitting places but they are nearly all the time occupied.

I took my sandwich home with me, because I live in the neighbourhood.
I chose a lovely filled fresh baguette, crunchy & chewy,…filled with ricotta, thinly sliced smoked salmon & fresh garden cress. It cost me 4.40 euro. It was ooh so tasty. Recently, they raised their prices with 10 to 20 euro cent.
This is the baker: Charli!
A divine sandwich from Baker Charli’s!
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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Thanks Sophie for these great adresses. It is just what I needed. I will be going on a trip to Brussels in a few weeks and it is so cool that I can go & visit these lovely shops!Bedankt, meid!

  2. Wow, Sophie, I wish I had seen your post before I visited Brussels last spring. You have some wonderful shops and I'm sure I could spend an entire day in The International House of Cooking. Thanks for the tour. Hopefully I will return one day and can visit all of them.

  3. Myhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i must go to tha tinternational shop, i see in a pic powders eggwhite from wilton which i thought we don't get here and asked my sis to send from US. And here we we have a small cooking shop not anything like this shop.Thnkyou so much for the link.

  4. You have inspired me to want to visit Brussels one day! I will have to put a trip here on my "bucket" list. I think I could spend a whole day in each kitchen store.

  5. What access to cooking wonders you have! (I keep returning to the chocolate). I always heard Brussels was a cooking mecca. Your photos proved that.

  6. Wow Sophie,I've never been a shopper of fashion clothes, but show me a cookshop or foodie related and i am in there.You are spoiled where you are, I am so envious. I would love to be surrounded by these places any day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Beautiful photos, Sophie- your new camera seems quite fabulous!I found this post very fascinating, I'd love to see more like it!! I hope one day I can visit all of these wonderful shops. I'm sure I could spend too much time in all of them!! Great post!

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  9. International home of cooking: Gotta get there. I would spend HOURS! It all looks wonderful.

  10. Sophie…your mini tour not only brought back such fond memories I had of brussels…but also the longing to go back some day in the near future. Hubby and I went over 20 years ago…how time flys.Great pastry and chocolate shops are what I remember most.Thanks for sharing…and BTW…your new digital camera has made you into a gifted photographer ;)Ciao for now,Claudia

  11. I would love to stroll with you as you shop, Sophie. Your camera has wonderful clarity, so it was almost – almost – like being there. The only thing I'm missing is the sounds and aromas coming from each of the shops. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  12. Thanks for sharing this with us! What a great virtual tour. I could literally spend all day in stores like these!

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  18. Sophie,Thank you for the warm welcome back. I have missed you too! Your new blog design is WONDERFUL! I've been so out of things, I'm going to have to relearn how to redesign my blog with the new blogger design tool. (New to me at least!)

  19. Wow Sophie. You are so lucky to be able to visit those charming shops whenever you wish. I can't get over that huge bowl of wooden spoons and all of that what looks to be Emille Henry orange bakers.Sam

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  25. Hi Sophie, so happy you have made it and have written these excellent shopping guides for us. It brings back all the memory where you have shown me your favorite places and kitchen gadgets shops. Writing a guide like this cost us a lot of time, well done!!! I hope to visit that bakery you mentioned next time when I am in Brussels.

  26. lovely place, so many delightful shops.. you are so lucky, thanks for sharing..I love that bakery and chocolate shop 🙂

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  29. @ all of you, my foddie friends: Enjoy these lovely adresses & there will be another few posts like this later on,…!!!I have so many cool places, streets & shops for you to share,..

  30. This all looks wonderful. I've just come back from a trip to Ghent which I loved – I've only ever travelled through Belgium before. So many wonderful chocolates!

  31. Hey I'm from Brussels too! 😀 And I love these shops!!!! Well, I think you must add the candy shop/tea-room in rue des chartreux!Hope to meet you some day!I also have a blog so feel free to check it out! 😉

  32. Sophie, you are so lucky to be so near such lovely shops, I could spend the hours just browsing through that culinary shop alone! Beautiful photos!

  33. Sophie, thank you so much for posting this! I just discovered the International Home of Cooking when I was in Brussels in July and loved it. Hopefully I might be back in Brussels in December, so will check out some of the other shops you mentioned.

  34. Sophie, I adore places like this. I feel like I've just had an armchair shop-a-rama through some of the best places & unlike the real thing, my bank account is still in tact 🙂

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