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Sophie’s gluten free light brown teff breads

A lovely gluten-free home-made bread & the same bread rolls!
The cut trough gluten-free bread: looking good!

This is my 1st home-made gluten-free bread. I used a white gluten-free flour & a teff flour bread mix. The teff mix has flax seeds, a bit of salt too & is enriched with vitamins B. I also used fresh yeast. I made it in my Kenwood with the dough hook. These are very tasty, light brown breads & very airy too! It is the best gluten-free bread that I ever tasted!

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Recipe: For 1 larger bread, 1 smaller bread & 6 flower patterned smaller bread rolls
750 gr of No Proten gluten-free flour mix ( a white gluten-free flour, enriched with a vitamin B complex )
200 gr of Teff flour baking mix ( there is salt in this mix, so don’t add it! )
50 gr rice flour
900 ml of luke warm water
20 gr of fresh yeast, crumbled

1. In your large Kenwood  bowl, add the 3 flours & mix gently with a spoon until well mixed.
2. Take a large pot & fill it with 900 ml of luke warm water. Add the crumbled fresh yeast & whisk until it all comes together.
3. Make a well in the center of the flour mix & pour the yeast mix into the flour. Place the dough hook in your Kenwood. Mix on low-speed for 1 to 4 minutes. After that, mix on medium high-speed until all is well emulsified  & is well mixed. From time to time, stop the mixer to scrape the flours from the side. Mix it all again in. When the mix is bubbling a bit & is becoming thicker, it is time to stop. This is after 10 minutes or so in total time of mixing.
4. I had 1 larger silicone bread loaf tin , I didn’t have to grease it, that’s typical of silicone baking.I had 1 smaller loaf tin, I had to grease it. I greased it with baking margarine.
I wanted to try & use my silicone flower molds so that I could get 6 smaller bread rolls. I didn’t have to grease the silicon flower molds because you don’t have to with silicon baking. After baking, they won’t stick!
Fill each bread tin with 3/4 of the dough. Divide evenly between the bread tins.
5. Now, let the breads rise for about 80 minutes or until doubled in size.
6. When the breads are nearly doubled in size, preheat the oven to 200°C (391 F)for 10 minutes. That’s for a fan oven. If you use a normal oven , preheat the oven to 220°. (430 F)
7. Place the bread tins on a silpat & on an oven rack for stability. Also place an oven safe bowl filled with water in the oven, below the bread tins. This will give a nice crusty crust on top of the breads. Bake for about 35 minutes. The 6 flower bread rolls will be ready after 20 minutes. For the bread rolls, after 20 minutes, check with a test pin. If not ready, add a few more minutes. When the breads are crusty on top & fully baked, carefully, with the help of oven gloves, remove them from the oven. Place on a wire rack to cool down completely. After 5 minutes, remove the silicon molds from the breads. You can just lift them out  or turn them over & they will flip out. The silicon baking gives them a lovely shine too. Leave the other bread in the ordinary bread tin to cool down a bit & then with the help of a knife, lift the bread out of the tin. With the 6 smaller bread rolls, flip them over, out of the silicon tin. The top will be crusty & harder & the bottom will be like a flower pattern. Place them with the flower pattern outside on a wire rack to cool down completely. When cooled, enjoy them with your favourite topping.
These breads are light, very tasty, very airy yet a bit crumbly. Carefully, slice a slice of bread off the bread. When I eat 2 thicker slices  I am not hungry for about 2  hours.

The next time, I will only make half of this recipe. So, divide everything in half.

A divine interior!


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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

75 thoughts on “Sophie’s gluten free light brown teff breads

  1. it looks good…I think my daughter wld like this..her little son i allergic to gluten ..i ll send it over to her. :)))tq

  2. A new layout, Sophie! What fun. The forks and knives are adorable!Your brown bread recipe looks lovely!Flax seed is so good for us too. Well done with a gluten free bread!

  3. I haven't tried a gluten-free bread yet but it is on my agenda. Well done- looks moist and ready for anything! The layout is great fun!

  4. This looks amazing Sophie! What GF bread mix did you use along with the teff flour? It looks lighter in texture than many GF loaves. I'd love to make this!

  5. Sophie, I love your new layout, it's gorgeous! It's so fun and colourful.Your bread looks amazing…I want a piece!! I'm so curious as to what Teff tastes like…I should try and find some at the healthy grocery store.Your card was at my house when I arrived home from Whistler- it's beautiful!! Thank you so much for the special 20th birthday card :-)xo your foodie friend,Koko

  6. Hi Sophie, I like the new look of your blog! That bread has a wonderful, moist crumb! Congrats one your first gluten free bread!

  7. I haven't used teff much, but I'm seeing it more and more in recipes. I would love for you to link up to Gluten-Free Wednesdays sometime. No pressure though. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. The blog looks cute. I am glad the bread turned out tasty – it looks really good.

  9. Awesome new payout, Sophie! That bread looks so lovely and it's even better that it's so good for you!

  10. Teff flour has been on my grocery list since your zucchini treats…I still haven't found it…I don't give up easily;o)Love the buns…will be great for my salmon patties.It's nice to be able to bake more gluten-free recipes. Thank you for your experience.Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  11. Well, well, well, look whose sporting a new look. It looks GREAT, Sophie as does that bread! Kudos to you for taking the plunge. I guess there's still hope for me, lol.May I have a bun, pleeeeessssse? We're playing the Picnic Game over at my blog. Drop by if you have a moment to see what's up. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the world of gluten free baking. I hope to be joining you one day:)

  12. I'm loving this new layout! Very pretty!You got some great texture in that bread. It looks so moist and delicious!

  13. Great job with your gluten free breads! I've been meaning to try baking with teff flour. I'm curious about the flavor, and I bet it's fantastic.Nice site update too!

  14. This is a recipe that I will bookmark for the day when I decide to make gluten-free bread; it looks superb and moist and chewy.

  15. I don't think I've ever heard of teff bread before, but it looks so delicious. Love the flaxseed. I try to add it to our smoothies but I bet it is just delicious in bread!

  16. Hi Sophie from HOT & HUMID Northeast Florida! I LOVE the new background! Almost thought I had come to the wrong blog! hee hee Thanks for sharing this because I've had readers looking for gluten-free recipes, I'll give them your recipe! 😀 HUGS to ya!Kim

  17. SOphie, your bread looks fantastic. I have never baked with teff flour but having seen the results you had, I am tempted to try it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  18. Sophie,I have no idea that you are living Gluten Free, it's good for you :)I too love teff flour, it stil the number #1 choice of GF flour to me. I made quite a lot of treats using this flour, they all taste so delicious. Your bread sounds amazing Sophie. It's healthy as well.

  19. Oh yummy! I love bread…must try to bake a gluten free bread..have not tried it. Don't know if I can get teff flour here though?

  20. I like your new backdrop Sophie!And, now another use for that teff flour I've got. Your bread looks very good, and I'm trying to go more gluten free.

  21. Sophie, a new decor! Verrrrry nice. I'm in line for one, and I"m hoping it will come through soon… What is teff flour? Can I find it at Delhaize or do I need to go to a health food store? 'cause I need to make this bread….

  22. bonjour sophie, ici, pas de problème avec le gluten.ton pain est superbe, et à l'air très moelleux.please could you explain me what the teff flour is I've not found what the teff grain is !!!!lesgourmandisesdevirginie@gmail.combonne journée gourmande virginie

  23. @ Trissa! Thanks, girl!@ Zurin: I am glad! I hope he loves the breads!@ Barbara: I hope you will try this luscious bread!@ 5star Foodie & Nic: thanks, friends!@ Loyoya: jij hebt ook een coole blog & mooie foto's ook!@ GFE: thanks, Shirley! Enjoy!! @ Erica & Janet: Enjoy!@ Spicy perspective: I hope you will try these breads!@ Nadji: thanks, girl!@ Jan: thanks, my friend! Long time no see, my dear!!!@ Claudia: I am so glad that you like the new lay out!! It sure is colourful, hey??

  24. @ Lisa: I just changed the flours,…because I forgot to name the brand of the white gluten free flour ..It is No Proten! I don't know if you can find it in the USA. It is a white flour enriched with vitamins B, iron & a bit of salt too. It gives breads, cakes & muffins a nice crunch on top.@ Koko: I love it that you loved your original Birthday card! Yeah!!I also love the fact that you love the new design on my blog!@ Valérie: Thanks, my Canadian friend!@ Linda!! Hello, I also love your tasty blog. I will look in to it!

  25. @ Pam: thanks, my friend!@ Lisa & Lorraine: Teff is the real name of teff flour. You can find it in Specialized bio shops or in a gluten free shop or you can buy it online too!@ TW Barritt @ Culinary Types: I Agree! @ Cheryl: thanks, my friend!@ Rosa: I can fine teff flour in specialized bio shops, or in a good food health store or in stores were they sell gluten free products!@ The Duo Dishes & Reeni: thanks, guys & girls!!@ Foodessa: You can find teff flour in bio shops, in good food health stores or in a specialzed shop where they sell gluten free products. You also can buy it online!!

  26. @ HH, Louisa, Gloria & Nancy: Thanks for the compliments, girls!@ Celia, Joanne, Lisaiscooking & Erica: thanks, my friends!@ Kerstin, Joumana, Marla, Angie, Hélène, Simply Life, Anna: thanks, my foodie friends!@ Oyster Culture: The flaxseeds are allready in the teff flour baking mix. I so love flaxseeds. I sometimes add them in morning smoothies too!! Healthy & a bit nutty at the same time too!@ Hannah, El: thanks, girls! Enjoy!@ Kim: big cyber kisses from Brussels!@ Linda, Mary, Koek & Rebecca: thanks & I love that you all love the new lay out!@ Elra, Margot, Jeannie & Zerrin & Claudia: Do try the breads,..I know that you will love them too,…:) !!!@ Kate: I will hgive you a link on what teff flour is. Here is the link: can't buy it in the Delhaize but in good bio shops, in good food health stores, online or in shops were they sell gluten free products!!!

  27. Sophie, I love your blog's new look. Very creative. Great looking loaf of bread too. My mother made bread everyday. Unfortunately it's not something I've continued, but after seeing your baking creations lately, maybe I should rethink it.Sam

  28. Hi Sophie!This recipe for gluten free bread looks delicious! Where do you find Teff flour? My girlfriend has celiac so I would love to try this bread for her. 🙂 Hope all is well with you!! xoxo

  29. Sophie your GF bread just looks awesome! I'm copying your recipe to try it. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Yummm, this bread looks so delicious. I need to learn more about different flours for sure.

  31. I haven’t used teff but it sure is showing up in a lot of bread. Thanks for sharing this as part of February’s bread challenge.

  32. Hi there, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.

  33. Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

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