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Roasted balsamic & rosemary parsnips & some latest awards!!

Tasty balsamic & rosemary roasted parsnips!

This is one of my favourite vegetarian side dishes. I so love parsnips

In Belgium, they are very underestimated. They are like ” forgotten vegetables. ” I love their sweeter taste. I marinated the parsnips pieces in a combination of fresh rosemary, brown sugar & balsamic vinegar. They were marinated for at least 1.5 hour in the fridge. MMMMM,…

Recipe: For 950 gr of roasted parsnips/ This is for 2 hungry people with seconds!
950 gr of peeled parsnips, if you have a rougher root in the middle, cut it out! / if not, cut into 2 in the long way, then cut crosswise into smaller pieces
5 tablespoons of the best balsamic vinegar
2 + 1/2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar
1 to 2 tablespoons of a fruity EVOO
sea salt flakes like Maldon
grinds of fresh black pepper
1 long fresh rosemary sprig, about 6 to 8 cm long, washed, cleaned, the sprig removed & cut up into little pieces
a large ziplock bag

To serve: baked potato wedges & baked chicken pieces

1. First, make your marinade, a few hours before dinner. Take a large ziplock bag & put the peeled parsnip pieces in it. Add the brown sugar & the balsamic vinegar. Now, add the rosemary pieces. Mix everything well around in the bag, with the help of your hands. Do it carefully because you don’t want to make a rupture into the bag. When well mixed, close the bag. Place the bag in a larger bowl in case of leakage. Place in the fridge for at least 1.5 hours.
2. 30 to 40 minutes before dinner, take the bowl with the bag outside of the fridge. Preheat the oven to 220°C ( 428 F ) for about 10 minutes. Take 2 large non stick oven roasting pans. Lay all of the parnsip pieces with its marinade in 1 layer all in the tins. Now, add some sea salt all over the parnsips. Add some grinds of fresh black pepper to the dishes. Now, with your hands, mingle everything well togheter. Place into the preheated oven & bake for about 30 to 40 minutes until the parsnip pieces are tender, sticky & caramelized.
3. Serve with the potatoes & the chicken pieces. Enjoy!

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And now, for something completely different!!!

A month ago & lately, I recieved again some beautiful awards!! I recieved 4 beauties!! yeah!!

I recieved this beauty from Olive @ Latest recipes. Thanks again, Olive!
She has a cool foodblog with grand food & video’s about cooking & baking. Her pictures make my mouth water,… nearly all of the time!

I will give this award to the following lovely food bloggers! ( in no particular order )
He has a fab foodblog & uses great ingredients & makes lovely dishes with it! He also gives good tips!
2. Mangocheeks @ Allotment 2 kitchen, from Scotland. She had a veggie plot but it was destroyed by a mean person. She is a true vegetarian & I learn a lot of her! She grows veggies & fruit.
3. Kenny T @ Chiceats, from Central District, Hong Kong. He visits a lot of restaurants. He cooks eastern dishes & I learn a lot from him!
4. Joanna @ Eat well with others, from NewYork, NY! She is studying to become a doctor & she cooks her hart out! I learn a lot of her! She uses normal ingredients in a different way! She truly writes apart & lovely!
5. Sapuche @ the World tastes good. He is an excellent writer & a pure traveller. Recently, he travelled to Chili, Peru & Argentinia!! He writes with enthousiasm & he always makes me laugh! It is like we are travelling with him!
6. Cheryl @ Cooking Dunkin Style, she is from Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I learn a lot from her from American recipes & traditions. She has become a close friend to me!
7. Lorraine aka @ Not Quite Nigella. She has become a dear friend to me. She is from Sydney, Australia. She writes about & visits restaurants, food festivals & interviews great people & chefs,…even Donna Hay is a fan from her blog!
8. Cynthia @ Tastes like Home. She lives in Barbados. She cooks Carribian food. mmmmm,…
I learn a lot of her!
9. Pam @ the love of cooking. She cooks & bakes like I want to eat! Georgous, tasty & lovely recipes!
10. French cooking for Dummies @ French cooking for Dummies, from France. She cooks tasty food! Pretty too!
11. Zerrin @ Give recipe. She lives in Turkey and she cooks & bakes her hart out. She also draws vegetables who are talking, …hahahaha,..She makes fab Turkish food & she teaches us a lot about it & her culture,..
Then, I recieved this Honest scrap award from Gloria @ Canela Kitchen recipes. She lives in Santiago, Chili!
I am in my second year of Spanish & give my comments in Spanish on her blog & she encourages me to do so!
I learn a lot from her country & her amazing recipes!

In the past I already have recieved this award & told 10 things about me. What else do I have to say?

Now, new things to say,….
1. By now you know that I am a real foodie. I love travelling & seeing new places, villages, meeting new people from all around the world.
2. I am an only child. It didn’t bother me a lot when I was growing up because I had a lot of friends to play with. I had a lot of neighbour kids of my age. Now, when I am older,…I kind of miss brothers or sisters, I think.
3. I love blogging. It has been about 1.5 years since I started blogging. I even posts my comments in Spanish at a lot of blogs. I love making new friends through blogging! It has been such a great & grand experience! I learned a lot about different cultures through their food,…
4. I also loved the Pay It Forward Package events. I had the chance to recieve such a package from Sydney from Lorraine aka Not Quite Nigella. She had chosen Australian bush spices & produtcs ,etc. It has been such a great adventure creating new recipes with unique foods from Australia! I also have sent 2 packages from Belgium to USA & to France.
5. I so love visiting new cookery shops. I can’t leave the shop without buying something new,…
6. I am always on the look out for more & apart looking shapes of silicone mats for my mini cakes, etc.
That’s about it,……
I want to know more about these following people:
1. Koko @ Koko’s Kitchen. She lives near Vancouver, Canada! She is & cool friend. She also goes to culinary scool & learns a lot! She is a vegetarian but eats fish & seafood.
2. Kitchen Butterfly@ Kitchen Butterfly. She lives in The Netherlands. She takes fab pictures & gives great tips on cooking & baking. I also love her recipes.
3. Gattina @ Kichen Unplugged. She is a Hong Kong chinese who lives in Barcelona, Spain. She makes finger licking tasty dishes. They are always a work of art!
4. Sam @ My Carolina’s Kitchen. She writes with enthousisam & always makes me laugh! Her recipes never fail!
5. Kristen @ A passion 4 eating. She has been a long time foodie friend. I love her unique more healthy recipes.
6. Ellie @ Almost Bourdain, originally from Malaysia & now lives with her Dutch husband & daughter in Sydney, Australia. Her fab recipes & grand fab pictures are so cool!
7. Heavenly Housewife @ Donuts to Delirium, from England. She writes funny & entertaining!
She writes about restaurants , foodie shops, reviews, etc. She is also a keen macaron maker!
8. Zurin @ Cherry on a cake. She has become a close frined to me! She cooks, bakes beautiful dishes! Very apart too,..
9. The Daily Spud @ The daily spud . She lives in Dublin, Ireland. She makes tasty & georgous potato & other dishes. She writes lovely too! She entertains me. Her friendship is important to me!
10. Claudia @ Journey of an Italian cook. She lives in Minnesota, USA. She is a writer for children’s plays. She makes me laugh. Her writing & recipe creating is brilliant! She makes Italian -American food.

My 3rd award, I also recieved from Gloria!!
I also recieved the same award from my dear friend: Heavenly Housewife who lives in England.
She is the most fabulous housewife I know! Her blog is

A lovely blog award this is!! Ooooh,…

I want to give this award to:
1. Trissa @ Trissalicious who lives in Australia. She cooks & bakes beautiful appetizing dishes.
2. Cathy @ Wives with knives. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.
I have cooked a lot of her dishes & they are always new to me!
3. Olive @ Latest recipes. Her recipes are always a hit in my family. Lovely food & grand pictures!
4. The Ungourmet @ The Ungourmet. She lives in Oregon, USA. She cooks & bakes like I like to eat. She makes it look so simplel & lovely to cook! Easy yet so doable recipes!
5. Simone aka Junglefrog @ Junglefrog cooking. She lives in The Netherlands & is a grand cook & a fab photographer. She also gives us useful tips about good photography! I learn international recipes from her. She writes funny too!
6. Margaret @ Kitchen Delights. She lives in the Uk & she makes English classic dishes but with a twist! I, Sophie am a real anglofile! My family is that too!
7. Barbara @ Moveable feasts who lives in Florida, USA. She has become a close friend. We swap foodie ideas. I respect her a lot! Her recipes never fail & are lovely ones!
8. Velva @ Tomatoes on the vine, from Florida, USA. She makes fab food & her pictures are truly amazing!
9. Paz @ The cooking adventures of chef Paz, from New York, New York! She is a great cook & takes beautiful pictures of daily New York! I learn NY through her eyes!
10. Rebecca @ Chow & chatter, from Scotland. She lives in the USA with her Indian husband & daughter. This surely gives a nice mix in her eating habits! Good for us too!
11. Dawn@ Vanilla Sugar. She lives near Cape Cod, USA. She cooks & bakes a lot of very inviting dishes & her pictures always make my mouth water,…drool,…drool,…I also learn about American sweeter desserts!

And the last award, I recieved from my female friend @ saveurs et gourmandises!
She lives in Paris, France, is a grand chef who cooks international dishes & she inspires & teaches me a lot of food from all over the world!

Thanks again!!!

I will give this fine award to the following bloggers:
1. Ju @ the Little Teochew. She lives with her children & husband in Singapore. She has become a true & lovely friend!!
2. Valérie @ The chocolate bunny, from Montreal, Canada. I so love her unique blog! She writes with enthousiasm & her recipes never fail! She has become a real friend!
3. The cookbook apprentice @ The cookbook apprentice. She, I think, writes lovely & apart recipes. She has become a favourite of mine. I also love her writing style!
4. Claire @ Une zeste de gourmandise. She lives near paris in France. I only met her a few weeks ago, but we click! She has a fab foodblog & makes absolutely lovely dishes!
5. Oyster @ Oyster Food & Culture. She lives in San Francisco, USA, I think. She teaches us about foods & their culture & makes fab , never to fail recipes. We have become good friends!
6. Megan @ Feasting on Art. She gives us recipes that are coming from well known artists from all over the world. She teaches us about the life & food of this artist. We learn a lot!
7. Angel @ Angel in the kitchen. She lives in Fargo, USA. She cooks & bakes lovely food! I learn about American food from her! I also love her writing!

So, enjoy these roasted parsnips & enjoy those awards , my friends!! Yeah!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

90 thoughts on “Roasted balsamic & rosemary parsnips & some latest awards!!

  1. Sophie, Many thanks for the award, I am truly honored to be a part of The Peas & Carrots group. I have found through my blog many wonderful creative and giving people; who like to share stories and experiences about themselves, their family and their friends. It has opened my eyes to so many new & different things ~ it has been a great way to explore the world and get to know individuals like you.And I have to say that your blog is always filled some terrific & creative recipes. The above Roasted Parsnips has some wonderful flavors going on and I can't wait to give it a try.I am truth grateful for this award.

  2. I'm not at all surprised that you have won so many awards Sophie and are so popular! You make such delicious sounding things and I'd love to visit Belgium one day! Thankyou so much for my award and if you need any more bush spices just let me know! 🙂

  3. tq dear Sophie! u have become a very good friend. im honoured to recieve the award from you and u certainly deserve all the awards you are getting and more!!! ur blog is beautiful, healthy food that is good for everyone!!! I love visiting you!

  4. Congratulations on all your awards, Sophie! You deserve every one. Such fun finding out more about you!And thank you for passing the award on to me…I already have this award, but will add your name to the link. I LOVE getting awards! Especially from someone as talented as you!Now as to parsnips: They are a much denigrated veggie! Not enough people know how good they are! Love that you have caramelized them… it would bring out so much flavor!

  5. Thank you so much Sophie! It's always such a pleasure to visit here and have you visit over at my blog. It means a lot. As for those parsnips – I have some in the fridge, so I reckon I will be making these tonight (along with some spuds, naturally 🙂 )

  6. Sophie, thanks so much for the Honest Scrap Award. I am honored. Congratulations on your awards. All very well deserved. Your blog is a pleasure to read and I always enjoy stopping by.We're just beginning to appreciate parsnips. Your marinade sounds fabulous and you know I love anything with rosemary in it.Sam

  7. Thank you so very much for this lovely award, Sophie. I appreciate it more than I can say. And a big congratulations to you for the awards you've received. I always look forward to visiting your blog to see what wonderful recipes you've been cooking.I grew up eating parsnips and will enjoy your recipe for them.

  8. Sophie! thank you my dear! You know I learn just as much from you too. I'm so glad to have met you. You are just as inspiring.(and just so you know I live on cape cod, massachusetts, not maine) lol

  9. Congrats on all your well-deserved awards Sophie! The parsnips look delicious! I thought they were potatoes at first. I would love to have you submit them for my Side Dish Showdown event that I started – the details are on my blog if you're interested.

  10. Dear Sophie, Thank you so so much for thinking of me and nominating me for this Award. I am truly humbled and touched that you think my blog is worthy of this Award. I also want to say Thank you for always coming by and leaving wonderful comments, and sharing your culinary creations. Also Congratulations on all your Awards, you must feel snowed under. I am off to explore those other blogs you've nominated. Once again, Thank you for thinking of me for this Award, which is really appreciated.PS liking the balsamic and rosemary parsnips. Very seasonal.

  11. Wow, so many awards Sophie!! And thanks for passing one on to me! You're the sweetest! (and love your parsnips too ofcourse!)

  12. The parsnip is definitely the forgotten vegetable here in the States as well. But I'm pretty sure this recipe would make it UNforgettable. Need to try it!Congrats on all of your awards. You SO deserve them…your food always makes me salivate. Thanks so much for the award and your sweet words! You are too adorable.

  13. You deserved every single one of these awards! Thank you so much for the one you gave me, it's so nice of you! I appreciate your friendship as well!

  14. Thanks for the parsnip recipe. I've got it printed. I planted some in the fall and should be able to harvest in the spring some time. I'm looking forward to trying this.

  15. Sophie,Congrats on all your well deserved awards. You are so generous in sharing your creativity through your delicious recipes. Thanks so much for passing along some recognition my way.I love the sound of these parsnips. I always love stopping by because you remind me of veggies like parsnips, that I like but never use as much as I should. I'm off to the market to collect some now,

  16. You are certainly a hard working food blogger Sophie and deserve the awards.Thank you so much for mine.

  17. I've never eaten parsnips before. I will have to try this recipe. ;-)Dear Sophie: Thanks SO much for sharing your award with us. Thank you.Paz 😉

  18. This will be on my dinner table – wow do you make parnsips look luscious! Inexpensive, healthy taste-filled vegetables. I vote "yes." And Sophie, thanks so much for the award and thinking of me. I don't post a lot lately but I shall be timely!

  19. BTW, I heard there was a very bad train accident in Belgium? My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved.Paz

  20. Mmm Balsamic and Rosemary- two of my favourite flavours! I am sick today, but I think I will make these for lunch!Thank you so much for the award!!! So kind of you. It made my day!!! And I loved learning more about you- especially that you know how to speak SPANISH!

  21. I love the flavors of balsamic and rosemary together! Your parsnips look so fabulous! Thank you so much for passing this award on to me and congrats on all of your wonderful awards!

  22. Sophie, Thank you so much for the award…..You made my day.You are right, parsnips are a under rated vegetable. Parsnips are delicious roasted. Yoru dish looks wonderful. What a great way to enjoy parsnips.

  23. Dear Sophie Finally I m here!! (Im in the b each now and is difficult sometimes know the kids how are!9 I love your post and I love see your comments about you, and the awards are really well deserved, huggs!! gloriaPD And love your blog and recipes!

  24. Congrats on getting all these awards, Sophie! I'm so flattered you passed one on to me. Thank you so much! I can't wait to go check all these food blogs you listed :DForgotten veggies rock! I tried Jerusalem artichokes a while ago and I loved it! Will definitely try parsnips your way now!-Véronique

  25. I wish parsnips were more easily available in SA. I'll certainly try this gorgeous recipe of yours next time I get my hands on some…Robyn

  26. Sophie, I love the idea of using balsamic with roasted parsnips. I do that on beetroot, carrots & onions… why I did not think of parsnips? 🙂 Great recipe.

  27. The parsnips look tasty! Congrats on your awards – thanks for passing it on to me.

  28. Parsnips and balsamic…sounds and looks very tasty…and congratulations on your awards…very well deserved 🙂

  29. Would you believe I don't have any recipes for parsnips? Thanks for this one. They look wonderful. And you are a very talented lady and deserve all your awards!

  30. I’m about to go spend some time with my vegetarian brother on the West Coast, and I think I might try this parsnips dish. It looks and sounds great! Also, congratulations on your awards! (FOUR! WOW!) You richly deserve them, as your blogging and commenting are always wonderful. And it was so nice of you to pass an award on to me! I really appreciate your support of my blog, and your comments while I was traveling were always a big treat for me. 🙂 Thank you, Sophie!

  31. Wow! All those awards and all those blogs to discover! What a goldmine! And parsnips? I see them in the market all the time but have never dared cooking with them (or, dare I say, eating them?). I love the balsamic roasting idea. They look so tasty!

  32. Thank you for the award, dear Sophie! You are golden and you are sunshine and you are simply a breath of fresh air. There is no way anyone can ever dislike you. Your blog is unique and happy, just like you! Cheers, my friend!

  33. how great to learn a thing or two about you, sophie! and great recipe–i need to find me some parsnips. 🙂

  34. Those roasted parsnips look amazing. I was just over at Rosa's blog and she made a parsnip I suppose parsnips are 'happening' at this time. I love parsnips, so I'm in! lolAlso, congrats on your awards..more than well deserved! 🙂

  35. ♥Hi Sophie!! Congrats on your many awards..I'm not surprised you have lots because you are very nice and friendly and open.. I can sense that even from the first time I visited your blog, that's why I kept coming back..well not lately , I was in temp.leave from blogging lol 🙂 Thanks for passing an award to me..I really appreciate it!! Have a nice day!! ♥

  36. I LOVE parsnips! I would like to try this looks fabulous, Sophie! Oh and my gosh, congratulations on all your awards!! You definitely deserve them…you are so friendly, outgoing, always seem happy and a great cook! :)xoxo

  37. A real sweet blog…what honestly drew me was that u commenting in spanish …we too speak portuguese at home but my writing flow aint that good and i have a few portuguese pals in blogosphere whose blogs i love commenting on and i know exactly what u say…..u have these wonderful awards n aint suprised why….coz right now i wanna pass on 3 of my awards in my latest post righ on to ya …..loving ur recipes and am going to take a stroll righ away on thru ur blog…..

  38. I am totally with you on the parsnip front, this is one of my favourite winter veggies. (hubby has even managed to grow a few this year). The flavour is always different depending on how they are cooked – but my favourite way is roasted. Your balsamic and rosemary marinade sounds super. Great job – I'm going to have to try these now.Congrats on all your awards, Sophie, they are well deserved.

  39. Thank you so much for the award 🙂 You are such a great foodie friend! I have never tried parsnips like this before, guess it's time to change that. and a big Congratulations on all your awards!

  40. Congrats to your awards. I have not been able to post so frequently in the last mths. BTW, I have never cooked parsnips before. Maybe will try one day. Hey I will probably be in Brussels next Tues and Wed. Will arrive Brussels from Holland before noon. You have time or interested to come out for a small bite. I am planning to try a noodle place near St Catherine and near the big Chinese Supermarket.

  41. Oh my god, thank you very much for the lovely award! I love your blog too and have been learning a lot from you too!

  42. Sophie! Thank you so much for the wonderful award! I'm so thrilled that you thought of me in this way! I adore your blog and so enjoy all of the fantastic recipes you share! You are such a terrific person and blogger and so deserving of all of the awards you have received!On another note, I am really looking forward to trying this parsnip recipe. The only way I have ever cooked parsnips is in soup and they always catch my eye when I'm in the grocery store and leave me thinking about other ways I can cook them. What a delicious recipe!

  43. Oh yum, I don't generally like parsnips, but yours look so good I wish I had some right now.

  44. I love parsnips, they're so much better then carrots! Sounds like a great side dish, especially with the balsamic! Yummy!

  45. bravo Sophie for all your awards you definitely deserve them !!! and parsnips are starting to be my favourite !! cheers from paris pierre

  46. Thank you for the award Sophie! Truly honored to be receiving this from you! Your parsnips look delicious – I hardly eat them though which is a pity!

  47. Hello Sophie, thank you so much for inviting me for the 10-thing-abt-me. I will let you know once I finish mine :DParsnip is generally put into soup in here, your roasted dish definitely sounds more sophisticated and delicious!!!

  48. Congrats with all the wonderful awards, Sophie. Through your blog, I can tell that you have a really warm & friendly personality, thus it's no surprise that you've won many nice blog friends and awards too :). It's interesting to learn about roasting parsnip as over here, we normally use it to cook clear Chinese soup.

  49. I totally love balsalic vinegar, but always paired with salty cheeses, this seems wonderful, I must give it a try. Congratulations on your award.

  50. Sophie, congratulations on your awards. You are a true food blogger and so very deserve this recognition. Please continue the good work.

  51. @ all of you: Enjoy those parsnips & enjoy your well deserved awards!!!Thank you for the kind thanking words of appreciation!! I was so flattered!

  52. Sophie, a million congrats on all the awards! And those parsnips are genius with the brown sugar & balsamic vinegar!

  53. Congrats on all your wonderful awards and on the foodie blogroll! You have a very yummy blog!Enjoy!

  54. sophie, thank you so much for sharing your award with me. I'm so much honored and I need this especially these days. You know I haven't been able to write posts in my blog and to visit my favorite blogs as much as I wish. You know it's like my job is stealing my time from blogging 🙂 So sorry for this late 'thank you'.And this looks like another healthy dish from you, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen parsnips here.

  55. Wow, congratulations on all of your awards! I am happy to have found your blog and thankful that you took the time to leave a comment on mine. The parsnips look delicious and reminds me that it has been a long time since I have had them.

  56. ta recette a l'air si délicieusefélicitation pour les prix tu les mérites tu as un joli blogbonne soirée

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