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Fresh home made pappardelle with field mushrooms & prosciutto

on 22/01/2009

A tasty fresh pasta dinner

My husband made this fresh home-made pasta! Oh yes, fresh pasta! He made it for the very first time but it tasted like he had made it a 100 of times! It was so good! The recipe for home-made pasta , I will post in the future,…Now, it will be this lovely supper from my husband!

Recipe: For 2 persons
About 200 gr fresh egg pasta ( bought or home – made )/ my man-made Pappardelle
olive oil
Prosciutto, 4 slices, chopped
200 gr field mushrooms, cleaned & sliced
chicken stock: 80 ml
cream or soy cream: 80 ml
Black pepper
Maldon sea salt
1 garlic clove, peeled & squeezed out
Parmesan Cheese: grated
1. Take a large cooking pot & fill with hot water. Bring to the boil. Add some salt. When boiling, add the fresh pasta & cook until al dente. This was after 3 till 5 minutes.
2. At the same time, take a large non stick pan & heat up on medium heat.
3. Add the garlic & the prosciutto & cook for about 4 minutes or until the prosciutto is crisp.
4. Add the mushrooms & fry for about 4 minutes or until the mushrooms are light brown.
5. Now, add the stock & stir. Let it reduce by half & add the cream. Stir often. Simmer for about 3 minutes & season with sea salt & freshly grind black pepper.
6. Drain the pasta & add to the pan. Toss to coat.
7. Take your 2 serving plates & put your dinner on the plates. Serve with the grated Parmesan on top.

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10 responses to “Fresh home made pappardelle with field mushrooms & prosciutto

  1. The Bubs says:

    This sounds great! I love homemade pasta (looks like ya got a good man).

  2. This looks great! Anything with prosciutto is great in my book!

  3. Fresh pasta – the best! I could probably eat fresh pasta with a little brown butter and nothing else. Your lucky you’ve got a guy making that fresh pasta for you…a labor of love.

  4. aww that’s nice! Homemade pasta is always best!

  5. duodishes says:

    Isn’t fresh pasta just to die for? You’ll never want box again. Unless you’re in a super duper rush. 🙂 This looks sooooo delish! Prosciutto is tasty!

  6. Lando says:

    I tried making a Pappardelle Carbonara (store bought pasta) using Bon Appètit’s recipe. Your recipe looks much more mouthwatering because I’m a huge fan of mushrooms. The home made pasta makes this dish even better.

  7. Kevin says:

    That pasta looks good! I have been wanting to try making my own pasta.

  8. Gail says:

    This looks and sounds delicious – mushrooms and prosciutto are such a good combination. One of my favourite dishes I cook is a Porcini & Prosciutto Lasagne.

  9. Peter M says:

    Sophie, I too made pappardelle this weekend…easy and so satisfying…bravo!

  10. Wow, that sounds so fantastic yet simple which is great. And bravo to your husband for making the fresh pasta! 😮

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