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A few of my favourite shops in Brussels

I wanted you to give a few addresses of my favorite shops in Brussels.

1. Cremerie de Linkebeek, Oude Graanmarkt 4, 1000 Brussels
A grand & tasty cheese shop!
Here I get my lovely cheeses & some “charcuterie” as we say. They also sell lovely filled baguettes at midday. Every working day, at noon, there is a long line of hungry people.
2. Frederic Blondeel: chocolatier, Baksteenkaai 24, 1000 Brussels. It is on the Vismet.
This man is a fantastic chocolatier. He also has a website:
He even  sells to restaurants & hotels. In his shop, you can buy the pralines,as we call them in Dutch. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee & a dessert.


3. Wittamer: chocolatier, patissier, glacier & caterer. They also have a café to savour the lovely desserts. Grote Zavel 12, 1000 Brussels. I have just bought a box of macaroons. They were delicately flavoured & were delicious ! You can check it out at
A tasty strawberry macaroon with a lovely filling!
Tasty macarons
4. Neuhaus, chocolatier. This is my most favourite chocolatiers! The first shop was the Neuhaus shop in the Koninginnegalerij  25 – 27, 1000 Brussels. They have a lot of shops in Brussels & in Belgium!
5. Noordzee: Sint-Katelijnestraat 45, 1000 Brussels: a lovely fish shop, caterer & they have an open air fish bar!!
You can buy fresh fish & fresh fish salads,etc. At noon, you can also buy fresh baguettes filled with a fresh fish salads,…. You can buy fish appetizers at the counter outside the shop & have a glass of wine to go with it. It is a huge success! Even on cold days, there are always a lot of people! People meet & greet here!
6. Den Theepot, Kartuizerstraat 66, 1000 Brussels:
This is my Bioshop. I get all of my forgotten vegetables from here, like Swiss Chard, parsnips, cabbages, beetroot,etc. They also sell a good variety of spelt breads, sourdough breads, all sorts of grains, quinoa,etc. I am very glad that it is in my neighbourhood. I couldn’t do without!
7. España Calidade, Hallepoortlaan 63, 1060 Brussels
This is my favorite Spanish food shop. I get my favorite Spanish Olive Oil from here & good variety of biscuits, turrons , hams, wines & cava’s. It is near the Zuidstation. In this area, a lot of Spanish people live.
A lovely fruity Spanish Olive oil: Carbonell!
8. Corné, chocolatier, Koninginnegalerij 5 , 1000 Brussels. They also have various shops in Brussels & in Belgium. http://www.corné
Lovely Champagne truffles! Yum!

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  1. Thanks for those beautiful shops!! Beautiful pictures too!The next time I am in Brussels, I will visit them! So, thanks a lot, Sophie!

  2. Ohhh…I’m so jealous. I would love to drink a great Belgian beer and wander the streets of Brussels trying to find these shops and all the goodies inside.

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