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We want RAW Vegan Gluten-free Green mean smoothies!! Yes!

on 03/02/2014
We want Raw Green mean Smoothies!

We want Raw Green mean Smoothies!

I made these smoothies after my morning work-out! This is my 4th invented Green smoothy! This smoothy is a bit more sweet because of the sweeter apples! They were super easy to make, refreshing & very healthy too!  This was our drinkable breakfast! ;)

What the heck is coconut water, I hear you say? 

Lovely Organic Coconut water!

Lovely Organic Coconut water!

Coconut water has many health benefits. It is the clear liquid inside young coconuts. Coconut water is a natural energy or sport’s drink due to its high potassium & mineral content. It also can help you lose weight, it is low-fat, all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, it is good for your skin, cholesterol-free, it is nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked & has mega-electrolytes. It is really energizing!! So it is good for you! The only downside is, that it is costly. I buy my organic coconut water, from the brand Dr. Antonio Martins, bottled in cool 500 ml cartons, in my local Bio-planet & it costs me: 2.99 €. So, I drink it only 2x/week!

Read all of the good stuff in here!

Read all of the good stuff in here!

Recipe for 1000 ml = 4 cups


500 ml organic coconut water

2 ripe organic sweeter apples, Unpeeled, cored, cut into chunks

2 teaspoons raw barley grass powder

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1/2 tablespoon broken flaxseed

4 heaped tablespoons oat bran


1. Place every ingredient in this order into your Vitamix container & put the fitted lid on.  Use the tamper to push the ingredients into the running blades. Blend on high & on full-power until it is fully mixed. This can take between 15 to 30 seconds. Turn all power off & taste! You must taste the sweeter apples, the coconut & the barley grass at the end!

Yum Yum Yummmmmm! :) Enjoy with a loved one!

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37 responses to “We want RAW Vegan Gluten-free Green mean smoothies!! Yes!

  1. boeddhamum says:

    These smoothies sound and look super yummie, Sophie!
    and healthy too!!
    Did you ever had a freshly opened green coconut??

    XX Linda

  2. Great smoothie recipe. I’m about to go in the kitchen and try this out. I am sure it will be great.

  3. Tacey says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Liz says:

    You can have a Green Smoothie chapter in your smoothie cookbook :-)

  5. I love barley grass powder! The smoothie looks really yum!

  6. Belinda says:

    Waw, Sophie! Another tasty Green smoothy creation!
    I am off making them now! :) Thanks! xxx

  7. Laura says:

    It’s crazy, but I actually don’t like the taste of coconut water alone, but I love it in smoothies! Thanks for the reminder – I’ve got to do this more often!

  8. lou says:

    Hello Sophie,
    What a great look and what nice colours; The proof of the smoothies is in the eating!

  9. Norma Chang says:

    Hope you have the opportunity to try coconut water from a real coconut.

  10. These sound great!

  11. Hotly Spiced says:

    I love your glasses! I keep hearing the benefits of drinking coconut water. It’s becoming very popular here xx

  12. Fig & Quince says:

    You are becoming an expert!

  13. Wow, your coconut water is expensive. I shall remember to add some to my next smoothie :)

  14. Saskia (1=2) says:

    A huge YUM from me Sophie. Apple and coconut sound like a beautiful combination.

  15. love the creativity! Keep em comin Sophie :)

  16. Koko says:

    I love coconut water- I wish it wasn’t so expensive!! I think the apples in this smoothing would be it so refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness!

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